We are your trusted independent brokerage for superior coverage in Florida and Georgia. Our client-focused approach simplifies insurance, offering tailored policies following personalized risk assessments. Backed by industry expertise, we ensure reliable, satisfying coverage. Choose Lifeline Insurance Group for comprehensive and personalized insurance solutions with a commitment to excellence.

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About Lifeline Insurance Group

A tried and true tradition...

At Lifeline Insurance Group, our ethos is simple: treat everyone like family. Guided by my father’s wisdom, this approach has shaped a fulfilling career, aiding countless individuals along the way. Since our establishment in October 2000, we’ve retained the trust of our clients. Remarkably, nearly every client from the inaugural year of the health insurance Marketplace remains with us after a decade.

This enduring loyalty fills us with pride. We look forward to extending our Lifeline family to you, fostering a lasting connection for years to come.

Eduardo Dominguez

CEO and Founder



We aim to offer expert advice, quality customer service,
and the best products available in the industry.

With over 22 years experience we can help you understand which option is best for you and your family. We are available year-round and always looking forward to answer any questions you may have. We shop around to be sure we are offering the best products from the top-rated carriers in the insurance industry.

22 years in the business of getting you covered.
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