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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

Health Insurance Open Enrollment is fast approaching (Nov 1st) & ends Dec 15th. Being informed is one of the best ways for you to save money and to make sure you only get the coverage's you need. Below are questions and answers we often hear as we help individuals and families.


What should I do, if I want to keep my current Health Insurance plan?
As long as your current information is up to date your plan will automatically renew. Make sure your payments are up to date & you will get a new ID Card in the mail it will be effective Jan 2019.

Where can I see & compare new rates effective Jan 2019?
Starting Nov 1st you can view the new rates at:

How does a PPO plan work?
With a PPO plan the network tends to be larger than say an HMO plan. Even if you go outside your network you still have benefits (careful your deductible is higher if you go outside the network).

How does an HMO plan work?
You have to stay in network and you have no benefits if you go outside the network. Note not all HMO’s are created equally some have only local coverage while some offer coverage nationwide. All plans cover you in case of an Emergency even Out of Network.

What is a co-payment?
The amount you pay at a Doctor’s office or Facility for a visit. This can range from $1 or even more than $100 it depends on the plan you choose. Generally, copays for regular Doctor's visit will tend to cost less a Specialist visit will cost you more.

What is a deductible?
The amount you have to pay before the insurance company will pay for certain services. Generally, you pay a deductible for Hospital Stays, Surgeries, and other major services (check you plan benefits for details)

What is coinsurance?
This is a percentage you pay after you already met your annual deductible. The amount you pay has a maximum amount you have to pay which is considered your Maximum Out of pocket cost.

What is the difference between in-network and out-of-network providers?
You will always pay less if you stay in network.

What's the best health insurance plan for me?
Everyone is different have one of our licensed experts help you decide what is best for you and your family.

Why should I shop with you rather than buy a plan elsewhere?
Not only do we help you compare all the possible options available to you. We will actually make sure all your needs are being satisfied at the most affordable price. We also offer customer service year round.

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Who needs Life Insurance?
There are many reasons people have life insurance. It maybe to protect the lifestyle your family has become accustomed to, by insuring your future income. Perhaps to pay off debt, mortgage, pay for your kids College Fund.

There are many kinds of Life insurance but which one is right for you?
Term Insurance is inexpensive and it generally Guarantees you a set Death Benefit & Premium for a set term of years say 5,10,15,20, or 30 years. Whole Life offers you a set Death Benefit & Premium for the life. You pay more but the rate never changes. Universal Life Insurance offers flexibility to offer you life protection or you may pay less and have coverage for less years. An Index Universal Life Insurance can offer you Tax Free savings on interest earned and if set up correctly can provide Tax Free Income Stream for Retirement, without the age restrictions many Retirement plans have. The reality is no one insurance may be perfect for you. Sometimes a Blend of two types of insurance is your best solution.

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What is the maximum I can deposit into my IRA or Roth IRA account?
$5,500 per year if you are over age 50 then a catch up provision allows you to deposit an additional $1,000 for a total of $6,500 per year.



What is supplemental accident and health insurance?
Supplemental insurance is additional insurance that you can purchase to help you pay for services and out-of-pocket expenses that your regular insurance does not cover. With the exception of supplemental dental and vision plans, supplemental plans pay cash benefits directly to the insured and the money can be used to help pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance, or for daily living expenses such as rent/mortgage, groceries, medication or to help cover a financial gap due to lost wages.

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