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Added protection for those unpredictable life events

Supplemental Insurance

Get what Health Insurance doesn't cover
Dental, Critical Illness & More.

Insurance when you need it most!

Critical Illness

Critical Illness insurance pays you a Lump Sum of money on the diagnosis of a covered condition — from Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke, Major Organ Transplants, Paralysis, Alzheimer's, Blindness/Deafness and other conditions depending on the type of policy you purchase.

Most policies you decide on the amount at the time of purchase . You don't have to wait to start treatment to get paid. This Lump Sum benefit paired with a Disability Insurance policy can allow you to concentrate on getting better.
Sample Rates From Mutual of Omaha (A+ Rated Co.)
$10,000 of Lump Sum Benefit

    Ages 18-34.......$8.92/m
    Ages 35-39.......$12.44/m
    Ages 40-44.......$17.00/m
    Ages 45-49.......$21.80/m
    Ages 50-54.......$27.40/m
    Ages 55-59.......$34.60/m
    Ages 60-64.......$44.04/m
Express Underwriting available up to $50,000 of Benefit
(Includes Return of Premium rider at no extra charge-ask for details)

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Pays your bills when you can't work

Disability Insurance

When should you get coverage? When your in descent health or better and you are working. Disability insurance most be purchased prior to any major illnesses or accidents occurring. So it is recommended you purchase this insurance early on in life. Although many plans are still affordable for individuals in there 50's & early 60's.

When you need it most the monthly checks help you to concentrate on getting better. Not worrying about your regular bill plus medical bills that are piling up quick. You can choose to insure up to 67% of your income to protect and the also decide how long you want to be paid for. Many plans can be customized to work in conjunction with your benefits you may have at work. We help you customize a plan that will fit your budget & your needs in case of future incidences.

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A reason to smile

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance can really help you control the cost for your dental needs. In most plans, all preventative services are no charge. This includes cleanings, initial x-rays, exams, and more depending on the plan chosen.
HMO plans generally offer low co-pays for Preventative services. With Basic & Major services you pay a discounted rate.
PPO plans covers you in Preventative services. But with Basic & Major services, you receive a discounted rate plus your plan pays a certain percentage of that cost as well.

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Covering you at home or in a nursing home

Long Term Care-LTCi

LTCi is one of the most important insurances to have whether you are Baby Boomer or from Generation X. The cost of at home care & nursing home cost continue to rise. With modern medicine keeping us alive longer. We also tend to deal with certain ailments later in life that require assistance. The burden & cost can be alleviated not just for you but for the loved ones around you. Even if you have a few million dollars saved up for retirement it can be depleted quickly especially, if you & your spouse needs care & assistance. Generally speaking if you do not think you will qualify for Medicaid in the future you should inform your self & consider LTCi.

Medicare will not cover the cost for when you need at home care or a nursing home. Medicaid will only pay for your care after you have depleted the majority or all of your retirement funds. Learn more of how to qualify for receiving Medicaid benefits and holding on to your retirements funds. The Florida Long Term Care Partnership allows you to legally do just that!

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Providing your coverage 24/7


Whether sick, at work, or in bed all day, a doctor is only a phone call away. Talk to a doctor on your phone or video chat and have
your problem diagnosed, medicine prescribed, or if necessary, be further instructed. With 24/7/365 access to a doctor, staying
healthy has never been simpler. Reap the benefit of innovative healthcare.

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